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How To Get Rid Of That Lunch Box Stench

By Florence Nwachukwu / February 10, 2018

Now the week is over! Time to take a short break, put your legs up just for a bit before you wink an eye and it’s Monday again. Oh, the rush of Mondays! But careful now, because the scrubbing of Saturday and the cooking of Sunday can leave you engrossed that you…

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How To Make Tiger Nut Drink

By Daisy / January 14, 2018

Do you know that Tiger Nuts: Are tubers that grow under the earth’s surface? Tiger nuts are also called nutsedge, tiger nutsedge or earth almond. Is a good source of fiber? Is a good substitute for lactose intolerance. Are rich in Vitamins E and C? Is helpful against malnutrition? Are potassium boosters? Regulate blood sugar…

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Hemorrhoids (Piles) In Children

By Dr. Ugonna Nwosu (Senior Registrar Paediatrics) / November 26, 2017

Hemorrhoids are an uncomfortable medical condition that most of us think is more likely to affect the elderly. However, that doesn’t mean we should rule it out at an earlier age, and that includes in children who can also suffer from hemorrhoids and who might find the experience particularly traumatizing and upsetting. What are Hemorrhoids?…

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