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How To Make Tiger Nut Drink


Image by Linda Nwadigwe on {https://www.buzzsouthafrica.com/}

Do you know that Tiger Nuts:

  1. Are tubers that grow under the earth’s surface?
  2. Tiger nuts are also called nutsedge, tiger nutsedge or earth almond.
  3. Is a good source of fibre?
  4. Is a good substitute for lactose intolerance.
  5. Are rich in Vitamins E and C?
  6. Is helpful against malnutrition?
  7. Are potassium boosters?
  8. Regulate blood sugar levels?
  9. Aid in digestion?
  10. Protect against cancer?
  11. Has its milk which can be extracted following the steps below:

a. Soak a cup of tiger nuts overnight.
b. Drain overnight soaked tiger nuts.
c. Pour into the blender.

d. Add about six dates to sweeten. Ensure to remove date seeds.

e. Add some coconuts to increase creaminess.
f. Pour in four cups of water.
g. Blend
h. Sieve. You could use the same sieve for pap preparation.

I. Refrigerate – Serve Cold!

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