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In-between writing and making awesome parenting resources for you, I sort through contact requests.

Try to choose the option that best suits your request:

Daisy Shop: If you have purchased something from Daisy Shop where I offer awesome parenting resources and a whole lot of other parenting materials with your purchase, this option is for you.

General Questions: If you have searched my website and didn't find the answer to your questions, then this option is for you.

Customer Support: If you made a purchase on my website and need support, then this option is for you.

Daisy Shop

Thank You!!!

First, let me say a big Thank You!

By ordering any of my products on Daisy shop, you are supporting me and my work here at Daisy Parenting. It's what I like to call a WIN-WIN. I earn a little bit of money to keep the lights on, and you get access to awesome premium posts and parenting resources. 

I am thrilled to have you as a subscriber and a customer. 🙂

General Questions

I respond to all questions/emails!

Please feel free to get in touch with me. 

Most of the time, subscribers get answers to questions regarding posts by commenting on posts. They get answers to questions by interacting and making contributions. We are a fast growing community and will soon have a dedicated team for Q&A support.

But if you still need to reach me, you can follow the guideline below to enter the contact form.

  • For inquiry, use INQUIRY as the subject for the Daisy Contact Form.

Customer Support

If you have purchased anything on my website, you are my top priority!

If you have any question regarding your purchase or you need support purchasing an item from Daisy Shop, please make use of the contact form below to contact me.

  • For purchases or any related issue, use PURCHASE as the subject for the Daisy Contact Form. 

If you end up finding the answer you were looking for, or, solving an issue on your own, please reply directly to the response email to keep me updated on your ticket. You do not need to resubmit a new ticket.

You should usually get a response within 24hrs. If you haven't heard back from me, please check your SPAM folder before following up with me.

Quick tech tip, if you are having problems logging into the website here, please try using another browser or clearing your cookies.

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