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I Need A Home Tutor


Getting a private home tutor can be said to be a way of giving a child an opportunity to learn outside the walls of a classroom and school. This avails the child ample time to receive the individual attention which may not be given as much as needed in the classroom. The aim is to boost the child’s academic development.

Getting the right tutor is therefore extremely important!

The tutor can be chosen either by referral, agencies or by adverts done by the tutor himself.

What to consider:

  1. Discuss the idea and options available to your child. While planning together, decide on the venue (should be conducive and devoid of any form of distraction), time and lesson days.
  2. Consider the needs of the child. What subjects will be taken?
  3. Search for available tutors. Referrals are best as you would be opening your home to the tutor.
  4. Consider the qualification, experience and track records of the tutor. Does he have an area of specialization?
  5. Check his tutoring methods and skills. As each child has a different learning skill.
  6. Collaborate on the goals to be achieved.
  7. Consider the cost implications – When to make payments and when to cancel payments.
  8. Talk about the resources to be used in teaching and who to provide them.

After you’ve decided and tutoring has begun:

  1. Ensure to monitor the tutor- time in and out.
  2. Observe your child’s performance. Compare the before and after.
  3. Be sure the tutoring time isn’t spent completing class homework.
  4. Discuss as often as possible, the progress and performance of the child with the tutor.
  5. Consider the tutor’s needs.

Guidelines to follow:

a. Be reliable. Ensure tutor time is not substituted for anything.

b. Communicate effectively. Be involved. provide the support needed at home. While the tutor and the child have roles to play, you as a parent equally have a role.

c. Occasionally, have talks with the tutor away from the child.

With these in mind, the goal of boosting the child’s academic development will be achieved.

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