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Why The Boarding School Is A No! No! For Me

By Daisy / November 30, 2017

Permit me to discuss this topic from the viewpoint of a parent, an educator and a one-time boarder. I attended a Unity school when Unity Schools were the talk of the town. In those days, if as a parent your child wasn’t in a Federal school, you would do all within your reach to ensure…

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I Need A Home Tutor

By Daisy / September 17, 2017

Getting a private home tutor can be said to be a way of giving a child an opportunity to learn outside the walls of a classroom and school. This avails the child ample time to receive individual attention which may not be given as much as needed in the classroom. The aim being to boost…

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A Good School For A Child

By Daisy / August 26, 2017

…The question always seems to be “How do I know a good school?” A good school aims to help the children learn by addressing the developmental needs of the whole child. Such a school recognizes that efficient learning can only occur when the child is taught a wide range of skills needed to navigate the…

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To Switch Or Not To Switch Schools

By Daisy / August 18, 2017

What two children had to say on the subject of switching schools: “What scares me the most about changing schools is having to make new friends” “For me it’s being lonely” Parents switch the schools of their children for many reasons ranging from poor academic performance, changing to a better institution, changing to a classier…

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