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Who Am I?


At a very early age, I was introduced to the depth of my faith by my parents. I remember while in secondary school, I wouldn’t attend social days. I would always be among the ones in the hall to worship. I knew nothing about ‘secular’ music. I learnt to totally depend on my maker for things I needed though I didn’t understand fully what that term ‘totally’ fully meant. I was what we would then call a ‘spiro’.

By implication, early enough I was made to understand that I had an assignment here on earth. I read books. I sought this purpose in many ways but couldn’t find it. I couldn’t understand who I really was. This ignorance made me depend on people for approval. I needed ones ‘okay’ to be comfortable and know I’m on the right track which was very unhealthy as it had its toll on my relationships.

That isn’t what I want for my children. I want to raise a generation of boys and girls who grow into adults that understand who they are and what they are on earth for. Adults who have been properly guided and have inside of them the innate character traits needed to face the challenges ahead of them. Children who become positive forces to be reckoned with in adulthood.

Presently, I can say I have found purpose. I have an understanding of what I was created for. I understand what I’m supposed to be doing on earth. I understand that every minute counts. This is the reason for my intentionality in my daily dealings. I understand that until I step in and take over my territory, certain people will not get the good I’m supposed to give out. In understanding all these, I also know that it is the duty of the parent to guide the child into living a purposeful life.

It is with this knowledge that I write this.

To live purposefully means to run the errand for which you were sent to earth. Imagine yourself in a motor park. Announcements are being made as to bus takeoffs. For any announcement made, you jump up and head toward the bus. You are turned back. For every movement toward the bus, others fill the bus, the bus moves. But you keep at the back and forth movement until night falls.

That is an exact description of any individual living without an understanding of what he is alive for.

When you live a purposeful life, you live deliberately and consciously. You tend to see things differently. You are in no hurry to do what others are doing. You are in no competition with anyone. You know the bus heading your way and even if it’s delayed, you are calm, and when finally, its take off is announced, you move stressless towards the vehicle because you in addition to understanding your bus, are aware of your allocated seat!



Importance of discovering one’s purpose:

  1. It helps you stay focused: You tend not to apply for just ’any’ job or be just anywhere. You understand what bus you need to be in. You become conscious of what you do.
  2. It unlocks your passion: You find out that in doing that thing, you never even know you are tired. It is the people around you that push you to rest.
  3. You see things clearly.
  4. You live a life of meaning. Purpose brings fulfillment and inner joy.
  5. You begin to live a value-based life. You have things you are known for. Things you stand for.
  6. Oh it is fun!!! You are happy.
  7. You become a role model!

Oprah Winfrey said, “There’s no greater gift than to honour your life calling. It’s why you were born. And how you become most alive”

Have you ever wondered why there’s the family unit? Why should the man and woman birth and nurture the children? Ever wondered why it was you who was given the particular kids to parent?

If you don’t understand who you are and what you were sent to do, how do you intend to guide the ones given to you to the path of understanding themselves?

Do you think this is important?

I may not have been very explicit as to the ‘whats and hows’ of discovering my purpose. That’s because my Master Class comes up at the end of the year.

Watch this space!!!


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