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The Voice Of Your Child On Children’s Day


Children’s Day 2018 was celebrated on a Sunday!

As I sat watching the children present what they had for us, my mind instantly raced to twenty years later. What does the future hold in store for these innocent minds? I couldn’t help but wonder. Then came the session where they had to list the points below to us:

The things we wish our Parents could do for us.

I wish my parents will:

  1. Spend time with me.
  2. Protect me.
  3. Tell me more about who and what to believe.
  4. Stop shouting at me all the time.
  5. Stay more at home.
  6. Forgive me.
  7. Stop fighting over simple matters.
  8. Tell the house help to stop beating us when they are away.
  9. Be patient and understanding
  10. Believe in me.
  11. Trust me.
  12. Consider what I want
  13. Reduce time spent using phones and other gadgets.
  14. Be less aggressive.
  15. Reduce travelling.
  16. Allow me enter your room.
  17. Hug me
  18. Be there for me.
  19. Encourage me with my talent.
  20. Give us allowances and teach us how to spend.
  21. Buy me a Bible, notebook, and pen.
  22. Show people how proud you are of me.
  23. Make peace with our neighbours.
  24. Fulfill promises.
  25. Stop using the monies given to us.
  26. Take us to spend time with our relatives.
  27. Allow us make decisions.
  28. Stop deceiving people.

I wish my mummy can:

  1. Be calmer.
  2. Stay at home.

I wish my daddy can:

  1. Love my mother
  2. Always dress well even if it’s the market he is going to
  3. Stop shouting
  4. Spend quality time at home with us.

The list ended with a good number of mothers pulling out their handkerchiefs to wipe the tears rolling down their cheeks, fathers with drawn faces and ‘parents to be’ busy yelling, “Tell them”!

I sat and wondered as I took quick stares at the lady sitting beside me. Thoughts of what could be going on in her head flashed my mind’s eyes rapidly. Not being able to grasp a particular reason for the tears, I slipped into my own angle – The challenges I face daily as a parent! Thinking of how to create a balance and make my girls’ wishes come true because of course, theirs would’ve made it to the list.

I thought of how to create a form of balance between work and family life. In this part of the world, it can be a hard nut to crack but then again there are principles and guidelines to make the journey easier. Do you think this is an important discussion? Kindly drop a comment or send an email and I’ll be sharing some tips with you.

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