Dear Twenty First Century Parent


Dear Twenty First Century Parent,

You know, I understand it when it seems as if we need to flow with the tide. Doing what we see others do without pausing to ask if what we are busy putting our best emulating is worth it.

Let’s take an example: The Holiday Program

Prior to this season, you had no clear-cut plan as to what that child in your care will be engaged in for the period. Fliers began roaming the air, mouths began speaking of latest activities in different places for children. You woke up one morning and that was it!!! No plan, no research, not even any form of thought pertaining to the child’s needs.

We can also wave that aside, you don’t have the time!!! Ahaan! There we go again.

As a generation of parents, we are moving too fast and may be heading for a crash. Calm all the way down darling!

I have read all sorts, from parents seeking advice on social media platforms, to individuals speaking for and against Holiday programs.

Here’s my two kobo view:

  1. For whatever you choose to do with that child in this season, be consistent!
  2. Never forget to stay in line with your family values.
  3. If you have no idea of what family values should look like, kindly send me an email.


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