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The Chronicles Of School Shopping

By Tolu Oluwasola / February 8, 2018

In the last two years, I have had to shop for schools twice. The first time was when we moved house and now we are going to big (secondary) school. When school shopping, its always good to have an idea of what you expect from the school. But, the selling point of the school is…

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How To Cope With The Extremely Hot Weather

By Daisy / February 8, 2018

We have officially been ushered into the heat season! Yesterday, I had cranky kids all over the school compound and imagined what most nights are like in some homes. For the parent this is a really tough time because you have to sleepily check up on the kids in the middle of the night when…

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The Best Place To Parent: Nigeria

By Daisy / February 1, 2018

In a gathering few weeks back, I heard the facilitator talk about how Nigeria is perceived by individuals who have never been to the country as a place of “chaos”, a place where nothing good happens. More like a country in periods of “senseless wars” I think to myself “No! How? Why?…

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7 Easy Ways To Parent In 2018

By Daisy / January 25, 2018

It is often said, “Parenting is Hard Work”. Oh yes! It is. To make it hard work worth the while, here are some easy steps to flow within 2018. 1. Set Goals: We have moved from the age of “resolutions” to the “goal setting” age. By this term, I mean not…

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My Domestic Staff, My Friend

By Daisy / January 12, 2018

I once heard someone say, “All of you wey dey get mind treat house girl so, una no dey fear say na she dey give you and your children food chop?” This got me thinking for weeks. I imagined all sorts that could go wrong between my staff and my children, though in my case, my domestic staff is my friend!

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Communally Parenting In The Twenty First Century

By Daisy / January 6, 2018

Simply put, to parent means to act as a father or mother to someone. It means to provide care for an individual.
A parent is, therefore, one who whether by biology, adoption or surrogacy, takes charge of caring for a person.
I remember growing up, we lived in a block of flats. This block was…

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Making Set Goals Work

By Daisy / December 29, 2017

To succeed in the New Year, we as parents have to set goals. These goals barely even make it to the second day of the new year because of course there will be the children busy innocently ensuring that the goals are difficult tasks to achieve. So this New Year, one of your set parenting…

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Raising Children Who Neither Belong To The Living Room, The Kitchen, Nor The Other Room

By Daisy / December 22, 2017

In this part of the country, gender roles are taken very seriously. The home has the man and the woman, the boys and the girls. The woman should submit, while the man should love. The girls should be “girly” while the boys should be “boyey”. That was how I was raised. I have grown to…

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There Is Time For Everything

By Daisy / December 19, 2017

Often times as parents, we want the children to be just anything good. If there are ballet classes going on, we push them there. If tomorrow it’s piano classes, we join the pack. We move with the trend. Doing what every other parent seems to be doing and forgetting that every child is unique. The challenge isn’t in the movement…

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Child Bedwetting

By Daisy / December 9, 2017

While growing up, I’ve known that the one who wets the bed is usually embarrassed among his/her peers. But among siblings? I never knew until I began the parenting journey. Children are different. Raising the girls, I hadn’t faced the bed wetting challenge until I had my third. Then with…

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