Emotional Intelligence And Parenting

By Daisy / June 16, 2018

Emotions are everything! Being a parent is full of intense emotions – from moments of pleasure to challenging times. Which all naturally arouse strong feelings that aren’t easy to dowse. But then, like I’d always say, the kids look up to us for guidance. Meaning, they are carefully and constantly observing to…

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How To Teach A Child To Think

By Daisy / June 1, 2018

Some time ago, I was really disturbed about the trend in the classrooms. As one who seeks solutions to problems in my field, I had to sit up and read more. It was about the child’s ability to analyze. His ability to think. This was the scenario: The teachers had set exam questions…

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The Voice Of Your Child On Children’s Day

By Daisy / May 28, 2018

Children’s Day 2018 was celebrated on a Sunday! As I sat watching the children present what they had for us, my mind instantly raced to twenty years later. What does the future hold in store for these innocent minds? I couldn’t help but wonder. Then came the session where they had…

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Time Management Skills For That Working Parent

By Daisy / May 18, 2018

Let me break it down! I am a mother of four biological children and about a hundred and twenty professionally adopted kids, I teach the English Language daily to a class of 11-year-olds, I write on my social media pages daily, I am the Executive Director of an Education Foundation, I am…

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Things You Were Never Told About Parenthood

By Daisy / May 12, 2018

A few days back, while engaged in a discussion on life and issues surrounding life events, my colleagues and I drifted to the part people don’t talk about. The part that doesn’t sound so good nor appealing. The part people never include in their success stories. The tough part that usually always leads to the…

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Sex Education: The Parent’s Role

By Daisy / May 6, 2018

How did you learn about sex? If not from either parent, do you think learning about sex from your parent would have made the journey easier? Many parents, because they were not spoken to about sex by their parents, find it difficult engaging the children on matters as this. I remember the…

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10 Common Habits Of Successful Parents

By Daisy / April 7, 2018

When asked what we want for our kids, most answers veer towards having children who succeed in life. While children don’t generally have a grasp on the world that they live in at a younger age, by modelling the right parenting habits, we can help adjust them in the right way to…

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Pay Your Dues

By Daisy / March 8, 2018

I posted a statement on my social media pages last week. This particular statement was made by a Reverend Father and spurred up a number of reactions from internet users. It was quite funny though because as the usual Nigerians we are, we began to quote scriptures from the Bible. Anyway who wouldn’t? After all…

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The Chronicles Of School Shopping 2

By Tolu Oluwasola / March 2, 2018

We (we are attached at the hips)??‍♀ currently attend a school that is purpose built. Before I start to write, let me give you a background story. A few years ago, my cousin’s son fell from a three story building. We thank God that nothing happened to him ??. In over ten schools, I noticed…

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The Chronicles Of School Shopping

By Tolu Oluwasola / February 8, 2018

In the last two years, I have had to shop for schools twice. The first time was when we moved house and now we are going to big (secondary) school. When school shopping, its always good to have an idea of what you expect from the school. But, the selling point of the school is…

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