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Emotions in Parenting

By Daisy / October 2, 2019

Parenting can be a super emotional experience. There are days when the emotion tides seem low and other days when they’re high. Our duty as adults is to ensure that we create a balance especially because the child’s development is highly dependent on our ability to handle such times. A number of behaviours can warrant…

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Self Discovery (The Answer To Intentional Parenting)

By Daisy / April 3, 2019

I was raised in a Christian home. At an early age, I was taught that every human was created to solve a problem on earth. I was told I needed to find out what this problem was and resume seeking solutions to it. It was difficult finding the right answers. Everybody had a way of…

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Let’s Talk Homework

By Daisy / February 7, 2019

Homework- A concept that has been heard of over the years. Referring to the schoolwork given to a learner to be completed at home. With the challenges facing parents today as regards time management, Homework assistance has become a debatable topic with some ‘for’ and others ‘against’. While the proponents advocate for homework to be…

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How It All Started

By Daisy / January 24, 2019

Over the years, family life has evolved. There were the years of living in rural areas which saw family farming, each family producing its own food. Mothers cooked and cared for the home while fathers took charge of the farm and provided for the home. Then came the days of urban migration. Migrants would come…

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Should Grades Determine Who Your Child Is?

By Daisy / January 15, 2019

The education circle is more triangular than circular in the sense that it has the child at the top, the parent to the left of the bottom, then the teacher to the right of the bottom of the triangle. Which invariably means that every party has a role to play in the academic performance of…

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Addiction – A Compensation Mechanism

By Daisy / October 12, 2018

I said on my social media platforms, I suddenly laughed out loud because it clicked that at some point in my life, I had unconsciously slipped into the Compensation Mechanism mode. By Compensation Mechanism, I simply refer to a form of defense mechanism where one…

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Staying Organised As A Parent

By Daisy / September 26, 2018

With the hustle and bustle of life, Parenting can be a difficult task to successfully accomplish without seemingly losing it. However, ending successfully isn’t an activity to be deliberated upon. As a Parent, a mother to be precise, there are things expected of me from the innocent children and then the…

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Dear Twenty First Century Parent

By Daisy / August 14, 2018

Dear Twenty First Century Parent, You know, I understand it when it seems as if we need to flow with the tide. Doing what we see others do without pausing to ask if what we are busy putting our best emulating is worth it. Let’s take an example: The Holiday Program Prior…

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Why I Stopped Yelling

By Daisy / July 26, 2018

I was raised in the South East part of Nigeria. It was very common in our neighborhood to hear shouts every now and then. It was either because neighbours from other compounds who didn’t have water flow through their taps at the time, were fetching from ours, or our caretaker…

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A Letter To Mr President

By Daisy / July 6, 2018

Dear President Muhammadu Buhari, From the news, I see you and your family are in perfect health and doing just fine. First of all, let me introduce myself as a Mother and a Teacher even though I am much more, but because I will be highlighting issues as they affect these areas, which…

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